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Alix Perez – Curator talks: “My most interesting work is formed out of life experiences”

In the fast-paced world of dance music, trends come and go. A select few artistic expressions become immensely more prominent than others. Once, this gentle ‘tradition breaking’ becomes a thing for these cutting-edge innovators, they manage to break through the rather cumbersome borders of (commercially driven) dogma’s.

(written by: Michael Janiec, header photo by: Joyce Mars)

A path opens – one that is drastically less hindered by the ever-changing tides of times and paves way for the ongoing innovations that keep the vital lifeblood of a genre running.

These inventors breathe life into the very core of the scene by attracting, educating, and bringing together like-minded individuals – thus winning the multitude of hearts and multiplying the message through the love for decent and original music.

Alix Perez has done this very thing. It’s s a great honor to speak to this artist who’s been a huge influence for a lot of us that appreciate great music. He’s a true innovator who undoubtedly rewrites the rule book time and time again and casts a curious light on these paths less traveled, thus paving the way for an immensely rewarding experience in a musical sense.

Not only for the listeners alike but for creators as well and the breakbeat-genre as a whole.
With a lot of pleasure and excitement, I present to you this interview with the man behind so many captivating rhythms and mind-bending soundscapes: Alix Perez.

What makes Curated By different from other parties?
It’s more of a personal touch, rather than being the promoter who curates the line-up and makes tactical choices, instead of musical choices. I do understand that approach, but the cool thing about Curated By is the approach of having a singular artist like myself to really create the ideal line-up. This approach stands for the music that the artist believes in and creates a vibe of it’s own. Basically, something that wouldn’t happen in the usual kind of approach.

I think that’s the special thing about it, for me, obviously, that this is an ideal line-up. Especially if we go back eight years. I would’ve looked at this line-up and being on it with guys like dBridge is, even to this day, really inspiring. In terms of what appeals to me and previous collaborations, this is something that represents what I like about drum and bass.

What do you like the most about playing in Paradiso?
I love it. There’s a lot of great, well run, venues in Holland. They are well insulated, very professional and with good sound systems. So is Paradiso, but I think it also has more character. Being an older building, it has a certain vibe about it. Playing at Curated By Lenzman was amazing. It’s quite a special venue in Amsterdam.

Alix Perez at Curated By Lenzman
Alix Perez at Curated By Lenzman (Photo by: Meesterwerk)

What is your best memory of visiting Amsterdam?
I’d had plenty of good times there. I’ve played there numerous times, in De Melkweg, and ADE, those kinds of gigs. Throughout the years I’ve been coming there individually from a younger age. Having lived in Belgium and being born there, I’ve traveled back and forth, as it is so close. It’s definitely one of the better cities in Europe. If I would live elsewhere in Europe, it probably would be one of my choices.

What attracts you to this city?
The beauty of it. There’s a lot of culture and tons to see. The city has a certain unique vibe because of the canals and the distinct architecture. Amsterdam has great museums and it’s great for shopping. Obviously, if you like weed, it’s a great place to find some. I don’t smoke anymore though, but I think a lot of visitors of Amsterdam would agree on that point.

How did you become the Curator for this edition?
When I was invited to play for Lenzman, the guys hinted at doing a Curated By with me. Then we discussed it more seriously. The last few times I’ve been in Holland, we’ve hung out. Rik, Alex, the crew and I really get along and we’ve connected. I really believe in what they do and it’s a great concept.

Some people think that creativity is born from inspiration and capturing that right moment to make something. Yet, a lot of research suggests that having a routine is more important than the above. What are your beliefs on the subject?
My most interesting work has always been formed out of life experiences (positive or negative), it’s more like an emotionally driven thing for me personally. Whether low or high in terms of emotions, it always sparks something in the studio at some point. It may not be straight away, but through a delayed reaction too. I don’t think that different methods apply to different people, but for me, it’s a very emotional thing.

Curated by Alix Perez

Since you’ve invited people you are quite close with, what defines them as unique DJ’s in your opinion?
They’re all true to what they do. That’s the biggest thing. I know and have no doubt that they’re only going to play great music. That’s a massive thing. I know that, whatever ground they cover in terms of genres, that the music will be forward thinking and there will be touches of nostalgia. They’re great DJ’s in general and everyone will have their unique touch.

Skeptical obviously has his sound and his way of playing. DBridge will be unpredictable as a DJ, which is great because it’s always a surprise. SpectraSoul has their touch – a soulful side. The guys from Bredren are exciting Belgian producers, I’m sure the will play some new stuff.

How does it feel to become the next curator for Curated By?
Good! I’m really excited. For me, in these days the excitement comes a few days before, but this Curated By has been on my mind for a while. I know that it’s coming and it’s something to really look forward to. I’m hoping and I’m sure it’s going to be a great party!

Alix’ most memorable tune for each invited artist

dBridge – Last Straw

Spectrasoul – Alibi

Skeptical – Process Of Elimination

Bredren – Razors

For more info on the upcoming Curated By check the party agenda or the Facebook event. And don’t forget to join our Facebook giveaway from 20:00 tonight to win one of the 2×2 tickets! Head over to our page to join: facebook.com/drumandbassnl

Michael Janiec

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