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Get to know: Leniz

A little while ago you’ve met Leniz for a bit when he delivered an awesome guest mix for this platform. Or actually, chances are, you already know who he is, as he’s making big waves in our beloved scene...


Get to know: KOLT

KOLT, aka Bouwe de Vries, is a talented young Dutchman from the city of Utrecht. Most of his time he’s producing sick neuro drum and bass in his own studio in the very same city. He has done 2 EP’s and several singles...

This album is a celebration of life

On November 23rd, up-and-comer Akuratyde released his debut album ‘Past Lives’ on Blu Mar Ten. And it’s got quite the story. Life has been hard for the American producer, who lost three loved ones in the past two years...


Even voorstellen: XPATH

Een paar weken geleden ging ik vanuit Amsterdam Noord op weg om Elvio de Silvestri op te zoeken in zijn comfortabele appartement in Amsterdam Osdorp. Elvio is onlangs een nieuwe weg ingeslagen. Voorheen stond hij...