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Creative women in drum and bass, by Floor Lieskamp

A couple of months ago, Dutch photographer and video journalist Floor Lieskamp graduated from a journalism bachelor on Fontys.

A great achievement which she realized by producing a short documentary that revolves around 2 creative women active in the drum and bass scene. For this graduation project, Floor has been following the very talented DJ & producer Caitlin, better known as CaitC, and Sophie Lucassen who’s an incredibly talented veejay for the Liquicity events.

The documentary gives a great insight in how both artists go about preparing for a gig, and the insecurities and challenges they face when it comes to having a job in a creative field.

Hit the play button to watch and learn more about these talented, creative human beings following their passion. (video is in Dutch)

For more information on Floor and her photography projects, check out her website:

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