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DNBNL Live - 3 March 2024 - Anna Raven & I-Ching
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DNBNL Live – 3 March 2024 – Anna Raven & I-Ching

As you might know, Amsterdam based DJ I-Ching has been with us for several occasions, showcasing his wide interest in jungle and drum and bass music and awesome mixing skills. He returned to our studio with a USB full of bangers and a dedicated to set the studio on fire.

Anna Raven is a singer-songwriter turned DJ, fired up by a passion for drum and bass since 2002, introduced by her brother. After a small break, she’s back, infusing soul, hip-hop, funk, and acoustic vibes into her own DnB productions.

Following a wicked debut set in October, you’ll find her regularly behind the decks at Amsterdam’s Havelaar on the pre Cheeky Monday night. Also stay tuned for her track releases and “Shake the Bass,” a event in Steenwijk on June 28 that she’s co-hosting. Expect sets full of surprises, from jungle to neuro, liquid to dancefloor.

🔗 Anna Raven

🔗 I-Ching

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