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Drum and Bass in Utrecht

Last weekend I thought it was about time to explore the nightlife in the city I settled in a few months ago. For years Amsterdam has been a very popular city for drum and bass club nights– amongst tourists and locals. Utrecht, known for the infamous Blackout nights in one of the country’s best venues, hasn’t been in the spotlight that often. Is Utrecht alive, dnb-wise? Join me and my report about last weekend.

On Thursday I started off the weekend by going to Ripple Sessions, a concept found in 2018. Their Facebook states that it’s a new event in Utrecht, where you will be able to enjoy smooth and dreamy liquid but also dark and deep rollers as the night furthers. Their first event was hosted on October 25th in ACU; a political and cultural centre turned into an underground club. One of the things I personally loved about Ripple Sessions was that it was absolutely non-profit. It’s a small intimate club night by & for drum and bass-heads.

On Friday, or maybe better said Saturday morning, I paid a visit to a sold-out debut event, named Junglistic. The rather young promotors of the event found the amount of Jungle in the Netherlands pretty lacking and decided to transform Bassment Utrecht into a warm clubbing space with a family-vibe where you’ll be served the finest Jungle in town.

“Our goal with Junglistic is to set-up a concept where everyone that loves Drum and Bass would feel at home, and by that we really mean everyone.”

For the first edition, they had a great line-up consisting of talented locals. They are already making big plans for the next edition, which they are aiming to host within 4 months from now on.

So yes, Utrecht is alive! Want to party in this amazing & vibrant city? Check out the events below!

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