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DrumandBasNL Live sessions on YouTube

We’re a bit behind with the archive for our weekly live show on the website. Working on it to solve that in the next coming days. Luckily our YouTube channel is always up-to-date, so if you’ve missed an episode, no worries.

Here’s a small recap of all the shows that have been done so far. From the most recent one last week to the first one in December 2020.

A big thank you and mad respect to all DJ’s and crews involved!

09 May: Ferry Noble aka Noble b2b Justin Bekker aka Boots – Morty & TradeMarc – https://youtu.be/qued8Ti-hm4
18 April: Auris – TradeMarc & Morty – https://youtu.be/ilh59KF1S5w
4 April: TradeMarc & Morty – https://youtu.be/NhgwHCd3Vq0
21 March: Morty & TradeMarc – https://youtu.be/JLq-YblxRUQ
14 March: Red Lebanon – TradeMarc b2b Morty – https://youtu.be/USLXuEocItg
28 February: Morty b2b TradeMarc – https://youtu.be/iFa4QoctUwI
21 February: Carrier – Morty & TradeMarc – https://youtu.be/VFinzHZMcdY
14 February: DJ StoneX – Morty – https://youtu.be/yLLaEP6x_yk
25 January: TradeMarc – https://youtu.be/BNA2PAWAaU4
17 January: TradeMarc b2b Morty – https://youtu.be/FjilQ9RjK4M
10 January: Noble – https://youtu.be/rd–ZvaXuXc
01 January: TradeMarc & Morty – https://youtu.be/ipExoOEXyaY
27 December: Styke – Morty b2b TradeMarc – https://youtu.be/-JTE5yVW1K4

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