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DrumandBassNL Live 23 May 2021 – Adi-J

Adi Lev is an Amsterdam based drum and bass DJ and a well-known name in the international scene ever since drum and bass started to come up in the ’90s.

She’s a longtime resident for the Cheeky Monday & PRSPCT events and a regular DJ for the legendary Sun and Bass festival as well.

Since Adi-J is a skilful DJ and well-liked guest she has played for many respectable clubs, festivals and other events all across Europe and other parts of the world as well.

And she’s not only a great DJ but also a lovely human being, so you can imagine we’re very happy to have had her over in the studio and watch her work her magic in the first hour of the show.

As she’s most known for her ‘in your face’ mixing style and proper tune selection, you definitely don’t want to sleep on this one!

Also: expect a back 2 back set by Morty & TradeMarc filled with dirty rollers and filthy steppers in the 2nd hour.


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