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DrumandBassNL Live 25 April 2021 – Jessee

Morty & TradeMarc met our guest of this episode of the DrumandBassNL Live show backstage at a gig in 2019 in the ACU in Utrecht for Ripple Sessions.

Both of them had an instant click with the German-born DJ & producer Jessee so surely they had to ask him to do a guestmix of our late radio show. That mix was ace and it’s now a little over a year later, a lot has happened for everyone, let’s invite him again.

This time for a live session though, because, let’s be honest here for a sec, live sessions are a bit more fun than prerecorded mixes, right? Sure, they are both perfectly fine ways for the listener, but live sessions leave more room for spontaneous actions, and from the creators’ point of view: we just like the live experience more.

Anyway, hope you like Jessee’s set, and if you do, please give him a follow.

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