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DrumandBassNL Live 10 January 2021 – Noble

Those who know a bit about drum and bass in Holland know that the Rotterdam region is a very important hotspot for the music in our national scene and way beyond. There are quite some labels, events and artists rooted in the area and they have been going strong for many years.

Our next guest is no exception to this, Noble was born and raised in and around Rotterdam. The veteran drum and bass DJ has played at countless events in the area as well as a ton of other places across our country. Several years ago he became a resident for the Liquidation events and he has been a stable force for the crew ever since.

We’ve been looking forward to featuring a mix of him as his mixing skills and tune selections never seem to fail!

The second hour of the show is all about brand-new and forthcoming tunes personally selected by your hosts Morty & TradeMarc.


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