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Fiber connects Drum and Bass and classical music!

This Facebook event caught my eye this week, it’s titled: Fiber in concert.  I know that Fiber is a cool and well-received drum and bass night in Nijmegen, but I’ve never heard of them doing a concert before, right?! I started reading more on the event page and I was a bit stunned, so they ARE doing a concert, that’s wicked!

Wow, they are really doing this, I almost can’t believe it. Almost, because I also know that Fiber’ founder, producer & DJ Rafiki is developing this awesome live act, combining live guitar play with beats and bass. So when you think of it combining drum and bass with classical music isn’t that crazy as well. But exciting it certainly is, so I’ve asked Rafiki some questions to get some more insights into this new project of  Fiber.

Can you please describe the concept behind Fiber in concert?
In Fiber In Concert, a highly skilled pianist will transform iconic drum and bass tracks into classical music, making for a new kind of drum and bass experience. The event about enjoying musicality of drum and bass in its purest form. It’s a listening experience and people will be seated during the performance.

What is the purpose of this new event?
We want to give drum and bass fans a special opportunity to share their passion. Fiber In Concert is the perfect place to introduce drum and bass to parents, siblings or other friends who wouldn’t go to a dance event. We want to bring music enthusiasts from different generations together and connect cultural groups throughout the Netherlands. Another purpose of Fiber In Concert is to explore how drum and bass could be experienced differently. Hopefully this concert will inspire people to try new things.

Are you aiming to attract a new audience for your regular events with this event as well?
Not directly. We do hope this concert will help counter the underground and inaccessible stigma we seem to have, and bring more people to the drum and bass scene that way.

If the concert is successful, are you going to do another similar event?
Definitely! We have a lot of faith in this concept and want to expand on it as much as possible.

Can you give a bit of an insight of which tunes will be played?
I can’t say much, but expect hits from the likes of Pendulum, Chase & Status, Netsky and more huge names all to be included in the concert.

The tickets are being sold in packages of multiple tickets at once, why is that?
The main purpose of Fiber In Concert is to share our passion with people who aren’t familiar with it. We want to encourage everyone to connect others to our amazing genre, and this is our way of doing so!

Fiber in Concert tickets up for sale now, but also limited, so go to their ticket sales website and don’t miss out!

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