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Germaine’s World with Kredo &

Kredo joins the Amsterdam based radio show Germaine’s World on Radio Salto that’s run by the English Germaine-Nichol Hughes better known as DJ Germaine. Germaine’s World is a really nice concept: it’s a weekly radio show on Friday night that consists of 2 hours filled with international guest DJ’s and homegrown groovers. Germaine spins the latest and greatest in Techno, Acid, Disco, House & Electro.

Every other week Kredo & will curate the last hour of the show bringing you the best and latest in drum and bass.

DJ Kredo in the studio

Friday, November 2nd

Friday, November 2nd kicked off with the first curating of Kredo & and the first show that Kredo did, she played a wicked guest mix made by herself, displaying some of her favourite tunes and paying respect to our recently fallen legend DJ Spirit.

Last week

Last Friday the Italian drum and bass DJ and producer XPATH joined both ladies in the studio for a guest appearance and a few words about his musical path through the wonderful world of drum and bass. He brought along his solo EP Bass Element which was released last June and played a banging guest mix. Check the clip below for the recordings of this show.

Next up!

The next show that is curated by Kredo & will be our guest for Friday, November 30th and there’s a nice little treat for you in the works because the Czech Republic DJ/producer Rido will join us for an exclusive interview and a carefully selected playlist with some of his favourite tunes. So be sure to tune in from 22:00 – 00:00 (GMT +2) via

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