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Here comes Therapy Sessions again!

Therapy Sessions is running since 2003 when it started in England’s capital after a part of the scene developed a big craving for the more darker and experimental side of the drum and bass spectrum. Therapy consistently aimed to serve their following with line-ups consisting of UK talent as well as the best artists from around the globe. And they really did!

After 15 years of running the Therapy Sessions, it’s pretty safe to say that the concept is a success and grew a worldwide following of thousands of heads. And the event pleases a lot of dark drum and bass enthusiasts.

Nowadays, the Therapy virus has spread to a lot of different exciting cities out of the UK. There have been events in Romania, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Switzerland, Portugal, Spain, Czech Republic, Estonia and Slovakia. Wow! Now that’s impressive eh, hats off to the crew.

Therapy Sessions NL

A few years ago a new chapter arose in Holland, with the first Dutch edition of Therapy Sessions event. The event is still bearing in mind that same aim as Therapy had back in the day, when it was founded. Pushing talent as well as booking the best artists from around the globe.

Since 2016 the Dutch Edition takes place in the well-known and much-appreciated drum and bass temple of Utrecht, De Helling. Friday December 7th, so next month, Therapy Sessions strikes again in that very same venue.

They’ve managed to pull off a proper line-up again, on this night you’ll find DJ’s Switch Technique, Peter Kurten, Coman Dante, Lady Bex, Marxman, Red Lebanon with the vocal support of the one and only Chakra MC.

Tickets are due now for 12 euro, both at the door or as online tickets. Early bird tickets are sold out, so don’t sleep on this! Check this link for ticket sale and the party agenda or the Facebook event for more information.

See you there?!


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