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It’s (almost) here: The Korsakov Compilations Vol. 2

We knew when we started the label that it’d grow into something special, but to see a compilation like this after just one year is something even we didn’t expect. It’s like our little lovechild. We spent a stupendous amount of time working on it and to see it completed is an incredible feeling. We want Korsakov Music to be the sonic embodiment of our events. Creative and unique music that always bangs and always surprises” – Elmar, A&R at Korsakov Music

An event trying to make a name as a label? That’s uhm, different yeah? But impossible? Definitely not. With this album, Korsakov Music shows us that the unconventional way of doing things can mean the proper way of doing things. What we love is the open-mindedness: no matter how established you are, no matter what kind of drum and bass you make; if your tune is a banging one, Korsakov Music is willing to work with you.

As Korsakov really made a name for themselves in the past few years, with an immense expansion in the past two years, the bar was set high and the label had high expectations to live up to. But a year after the last compilation its successor is finally here: The Korsakov Compilations Vol. 2.

Time to check out some of the fifteen exclusive releases so far…

Uppercut by Raiser: a pompous and grandiloquent track, with a threatening yet cinematic atmosphere that will take you by the hand and guide you all the way through a masterpiece. 

On 0:44 the Blunderbuss fires away the drop of naughty halftime track. One of my personal favourites: Blunderbuss by Madster.  Not only is this man a very skilled DJ, with his residency for NOX Events, but also one hell of a producer. NOISIA snapped up this production, rightly so, and premiered it on NOISIA Radio. 

Fresh tune, fresh tuna, verse tonijn? Yeah right. The guys from Gydra might fuck around with names but they certainly don’t fuck around with making weighty tracks. A cutthroat Neurofunk banger.

What starts off as a very experimental drum and bass track, ends up having a second drop that results in what might be eight of the sickest halftime bars I’ve heard this year. More of this in the future, please?

The last, but definitely not least track, for now, is Capacitor by Smooth. This one just screams energy, a boisterous track that will shred the dancefloor to pieces. 

For now, we can only show you this many tracks, but if these killer releases haven’t convinced you yet (say what?), we can assure you that the entire compilation is worth checking out. The variety is insane. 

Complete tracklist:

  • 01. Teddy Killerz – BFG 
  • 02. Raiser – Uppercut
  • 03. Smooth – Capacitor
  • 04. Droptek – Vexed
  • 05. Madster – Blunderbuss
  • 06. Blackley & Sublimit – Adapt or Die
  • 07. Cause4Concern – More Complex
  • 08. Dub Elements – She Was A Robot 
  • 09. Current Value – End Game
  • 10. Gydra – Verse Tonijn
  • 11. James Marvel – Special K
  • 12. Mean Teeth – Subtitles
  • 13. Lights Out – Potent
  • 14. A-Cray – Please
  • 15. Erb N Dub & Tony Anthem – Monsta Stomp ‘Ft Coppa’

The entire compilation is out Friday, October 25th.

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