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Letters from Ndegwa, Degs Debut Album

In the past few months, there have not been that many albums that actually touched me as deeply as Letters from Ndegwa did. It is an album that showcases the talent of emerging people in drum and bass; Degs himself, alongside Unglued, De:Tune, In:Most & more.

When I heard Poveglia for the first time, about two years ago, I knew this guy was going to be big; Great voice, such a positive vibe, and lyrically skilled. After uploading a video of him singing to “We Were Kings” by Lenzman & RedEyes, he appeared on Hospitals radar & now three years later Degs brings us the amazing “Letters from Ndegwa”.

A lot of you may know him for his vocal abilities, but surprising is that he also produces and mixes. Of course, you never get a second chance to make a debut album, so as an artist it’s quite big statement you want to make; you want to show your talents, but also who you are, where you’re from… Personally I think it’s beautiful Degs pours some of his Kenyan roots into the album; for example Pamoja Forever: “Pamoja is together in Swahili, Swahili is the language of my mom’s country Kenya” – Degs during his Album Launch stream.

The fourteen track album includes collabs with young & emerging talents such as In:Most, Phil:opsophy De:Tune but also some legends as LSB, Logistics, and S.P.Y. On of my absolute favourites on the album is the track “Head Trip”, which is about a journey filled with obstacles; about achieving your dreams, failing, succeeding and remembering “you’re the only master of your brain.”

While there’s a big variety of artists that worked on the album, all the tracks on the album fit together like a puzzle; all the lyrics are sung in heartfelt passion. Some
The album is dancefloor prove, but also “sit-back-and-grab-a-drink” prove. Degs is a multi-faceted performer, he does Hip Hop/ R&B as well as drum and bass music, and I think a track where his voice comes to its own is 4 Days, a mellow track to dream away to.

Letters from Ndegwa is a beautiful, soulful album with a story. So, stay inside, stream/buy the album and enjoy the ride that these songs take you on.

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