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Liquidation pool party in the works!

After bringing drum and bass multiple times to a ship and also to a beach next month, the Liquidation crew started playing with the idea for an event in a new, different and playful environment. And thus they’re bringing our beloved genre to a new and fucking awesome playground in October: a tropical indoor pool.

Yes, you’ve read it right, there’s is going to be a Liquidation pool party. How cool is that?!

Friday the 25th of October the indoor swimming pool De Kuik in Vlaardingen is the place to be for a diverse night out, full of liquid, some serious rollers, a bit of jungle and some of the harder stuff. The line-up for the night will be published soon, so stay tuned to the Facebook page and event.

Getting to the venue is plain simple, just take the bus from station Schiedam, Maassluis or The Hague. There’s plenty of free parking space available next to the venue and also parking your bike is quite easy, just in front of the building.

Tickets for the event come in several waves and are ranging from 22,50 to 31 euros. Or just buy a weekender ticket for 40 euros, so you can also attend the Float (house) event the next day.

What else? Oh yes, this is also good to know:

  • Night buses aren’t around, however, Liquidation has got your back and can bring you back to Schiedam or Rotterdam Central, get your ticket here: http://bit.ly/RV-Liquidation
  • Like to stay for the night? check the Ibis hotel across the street. Single or double rooms with breakfast are 55/65 euros, use the promo code “float” on the Ibis website or call them
  • Minimum age: 18 years
  • Liquidation is 100% pin-only.
  • Toilets are free.
  • Lockers: 2 euro, single payment for the entire event.
  • Smoker? You can leave your ciggies at the drop-off point where you also buy your locker. If you want to smoke, you can go to the bar, ask for them with your pin card and smoke one in our heated smoking lounge outside.
  • Got some cosy inflatables? Bring ’em along! Stuff up until the size of a classic inflatable crocodile is allowed.

If you have more questions, check out the FAQ on this website.

Liquidation | the ultimate dnb pool party
Friday, October 25th from 20.00 – 03.00
indoor pool ‘De Kuik’ in Vlaardingen
Facebook event / website


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