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Local drum and bass crews in The Hague joined forces to create ‘UniteDNB’

Thursdays night out in The Hague became a bit more interesting recently, as the Bassball, Bassment, Neurofu*k, Soul Patrol & Skorpion event crews joined forces and started this new UniteDNB concept. So since the 7th of March of this year, you’re able to enjoy drum and bass club nights every first Thursday of the month, free of entrance. The Magazijn is the place to be for these nights, a club that opened not so long ago, in July 2017 to be precise.

I’ve been talking for a bit with Dean (Bassball) and Johnne (Skorpion) promotors from 2 participating crews and they told me all about their new, interesting drum and bass events.

Please tell us a bit about the concept of UniteDNB
UniteDNB is a collaboration between several drum and bass crews in The Hague. We launched the concept in order to provide an environment that’s very accessible to those who haven’t been introduced to drum and bass yet while maintaining an enjoyable vibe for those who have been in the scene for some time.

What is the main reason for the local crews to unite and do joint events?
We aim to introduce more people to drum and bass rather than to compete over the existing audience. The main reason for the creation of UniteDNB is to spread our love for the scene towards different audiences.

How does your concept work in terms of line-ups, do the crews take a turn every month or are there also mixed line-up events with artists from different crews?
Every edition is hosted by one of the crews inside the UniteDNB team. For instance, our upcoming edition hosted by Bassment will represent their style and their artists. However, we also provide a UniteDNB b2b set in which every crew participates.

The events are taking place on Thursday nights, does this mean you are targeting students mainly?
We include students in our target group but we deliberately choose not to limit it there. UniteDNB is the main kind of place where you would take your friend who doesn’t know about drum and bass yet but might find it too daring to go to a full event that lasts all night. By hosting these editions on Thursdays, we also create a unique vibe similar to micro clubbing where visitors can relieve their stress in the city centre on a regular weekday.

The venue Het Magazijn is quite new, it opened in July 2017. What can you tell us about the venue?
Het Magazijn is a very unique club. Although it only fits about 150 visitors, the experience you’ll find there is unlike anything else. Drum and bass is actually quite recent in this venue with the former Bassball crew hosting nights that were more accessible to techno audiences. Later on, Skorpion launched their event Venom that combines the Hungarian drum and bass scene (think of collaborations such as with drum and bass crew The Hive) with upcoming Dutch locals such as Dayle, Corteks and The Outsiders.

And you do also live stream the events?
Yes! You can find our live stream on the same day as our UniteDNB sessions on the first Thursday of every month. Be sure to check out our Facebook page to stay up-to-date.

The next one is on May 5th and it’s hosted by Bassment, what can we expect that night?
Expect the full spectrum of drum and bass. The Bassment crew has been hosting events in De Pip for quite a while and they never disappoint.

What’s the best way to follow UnitedDNB online?
On our Instagram and on our Facebook! Just look for UniteDNB and you will find us easily!

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