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MIX/XED by FLUX/X – 25 February 2024 – RAKC & DRAIIN

In this episode RAKC invites DraiiN to bring you a MIX/XED BY B2B filled with juicy rollers, flaming jump-up and a dash of jungle.

Whilst at first glance their styles differ greatly, RAKC and DraiiN find common ground in their love for dark and deep rollers. After playing B2B, DraiiN followed up by showcasing some of his favourite jump up tracks in a killer set.

DraiiN is a Utrecht-based DJ who got into drum and bass in his teen years after hearing Rudimental’s songs on the radio. Ever since he hasn’t been listening to anything else.

His love for the genre turned into daily practicing of dj-ing, blending tunes and searching for new dark rollers and jump up bangers.

Next to dj-ing, DraiiN is co-founder of techno and drum and bass concept KONFLIKT. KONFLIKT arose during the COVID-pandemic in the shape of several successful raves, followed up by a range of guest mixes.

A new KONFLIKT event might be on the horizon, so keep an eye out on their socials for more info!

Hit that play button to see DraiiN and RAKC join forces.



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