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MIX/XED by FLUX/X – 31 March 2024 – FLEXUSZ & MΛN

Last week’s Sunday marked the end of the Month, which means we were having over a member of the Flux/x community again for their Mix/xed by Flux/x show.

And for this episode, Leiden based techy dnb connoisseur Flexusz took the lead in hosting the live stream. She did not step into the booth on her own though, because she invited Amsterdam based DJ Marise van Noordenne, aka: MΛN!

MΛN is making waves in recent years playing the more dark and “obscure” kind of drum and bass and jungle flavours for a variety of events and platforms like DNBRADIO.com, Inversion, Curated By, Goat Shed, Vortex, Tribe and many more.

Flexusz: ‘MΛN has been one of my favourite dj’s for a while now so it only made sense to invite her!’

With these 2 excellent DJs and their unique taste of drum and bass and jungle music, it was a great session. Enjoy!


🔗 Flexusz

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