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What better way to mark the new start of the website with a new and powerful mix? The other day XPATH has been rocking his home studio and he cooked this wicked 30-minute mix full of big neurofunk tunes.

And next to that there’s some of his own work in between as well.

So crank up the volume and blast away. Enjoy!

1. XPATH – I represent
2. Signal & Disprove – Angst
3. Prolix – Run the beat
4. XPATH – Grease
5. Maztek – Uncoded
6. Icicle ft. Ben Verse – Outer Planes
7. XPATH ft. MC Me – Vibe with it
8. Mefjus – Fractured
9. Mindscape – Meltdown
10. The Prophecy – Deadfrog (Maztek remix)
11. Current Value – Into the Matter
12. Signal – Mantura
13. Fre4knc & Nickbee – Recursive Function
14. Invadhertz – Bison
15. XPATH ft. Leah Vee – Bouncer


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