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Rupture is coming to town!

Here’s something to be excited about, the London based crew Rupture is coming to Amsterdam to perform in the Melkweg on the 27th of December this year!

For those that don’t know Rupture, Rupture started out some 13 years ago as a small night ran by Mantra & Double-O which has since built up a dedicated following around the world which since then grew out to be one of the most consistent drum and bass labels out there. They also host shows on both Jungletrain and Rinse.fm.

The Rupture sound reaches back to the roots of jungle, from 93-94 golden era jungle sounds, to headz sounds, but also current day sounds like half-time, slow-fast and future jungle.
Rupture parties are known for the extremely friendly and open atmosphere, the saying is “step on a toe, make a friend”.

The Rupture label has seen releases from artists like Theory, Sully, Digital, Dead Man’s Chest, The Untouchables a.o. with plenty more on the horizon to come in the near future.

Mantra is not only a very prolific DJ but has also started an initiative to help women in the scene get noticed more with her EQ50 initiative. Her enthusiasm and incredible skill behind the decks is hard to ignore.

For Amsterdam Rupture will pack nothing but fire, the line up is absolute quality and a rare sight for Dutch events to see so many underground drum and bass names on a single line up.
Aside from Mantra and Double-O, Loxy, Sully, Coco Bryce and Yorobi will be performing on the night.

For those who don’t know Loxy: Loxy has been a key figure in the underground Drum and Bass scene from early, with releases on Metalheadz, Renegade Hardware, Shogun Records, Exit and his own label Cylon. He’s absolutely meticulous and his DJ sets are known for their beguiling and hypnotic energy.

Sully is a relatively new figure on the international Drum and Bass scene and is known for his energetic and extremely clear sounding take on jungle. Definitely not to be missed!

Double-0 is one of those extremely underrated DJ’s & producers who’s been active in the scene since forever. His sets range from stripped back breaks to full-on amen carnage with dub roots.

Coco Bryce hails from Breda and has been producing feverishly for years, with releases on his own imprint Myor Massiv and many other labels. And it’s really paying dividends recently, with him playing festivals all over the world, from the UK to Australia. His upbeat 93-94 sound is known to leave many a dancefloor asking for more.

A familiar face for Amsterdammers is Yorobi with over 20 years experience behind the decks, this Dutch DJ flawlessly moves between d&b, jungle and footwork. She’s recently played at Rupture in London, but also in Berlin, Vienna, Graz & Membrain Festival in Croatia. She has recent signings to Berlin-based Parallax Recordings and South London based dubplate cutting house/ record shop Disc World.

Event link: https://www.facebook.com/events/2403185203338121/
Ticket link: www.melkweg.nl/27062

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