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S.P.Y. is the curator of the next Curated By event!

So, the word is out now: next April the Brazilian producer & DJ S.P.Y. is the curator for the next Curated By event in Paradiso. After Alix Perez, Icicle, Lenzman and Nymfo it’s now time for him to select and invite a few of his favourite friends & colleagues to come and play in the Amsterdam temple of pop. Let me tell you, this is going to be a wonderful night out, again!

A little more over a decade ago S.P.Y. moved to London from Sau Paolo, he established himself within the UK drum and bass scene and in 2005 his first ever release was a fact, on Metalheadz that is. Pretty impressive given the fact he was just working for six months with only basic equipment.

In 2006 Hospital’s Medschool label released his first solo EP and he started working with artists like Marcus Intalex, Total Science, Kasra and DJ Marky shortly after. In the following years, Carlos produced numerous tracks, did countless collabs and his tracks were released on labels like Soul:R, Innerground, RAM, Metalheadz, Critical, Shogun and Spearhead.

14 years after that first release it’s fair to say that S.P.Y. is one of the top players in the drum and bass scene, putting out his sick tunes and playing his beautiful DJ sets all over the world. And the end of that is nowhere near. With S.P.Y. curating the event an awesome night out full of pure & quality drum and bass is guaranteed.

Tickets are for sale now for just € 19,86, so don’t miss out! Go to https://goo.gl/nFtsc2 to buy them.

For more info on the event check this link: https://www.facebook.com/events/361992507911570

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