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Solitude EP
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Signal drops ‘Solitude’ EP on Invisible Recordings

For starters let’s recap for a little bit and let this really sink in for a while: we all know the gifted Dutch drum and bass producer that is Signal. But did you know that at the age of 16 he had already released his music on Critical Music, Renegade Hardware and Invisible Recordings, all in his first year of making music?! You think that’s insane? Wait, there’s way more.

Fast Forward

Let’s fast forward a few years: Jonathan just turned 20 last week and by now he made music for labels like Shogun Audio, Bad Taste, Dispatch, Invisible, Cyberfunk, Neodigital, Blackout and RAM Records. He wrote music together with artists like Disprove, ABIS, Agressor Bunx, Current Value, DLR. He has had his tunes remixed by producers like Xtrah, Lockjaw, Vorso and he produced remixes for artists as Black Sun Empire, Skrillex, Enei.

Jonathan also started a new label in 2017, DIVIDIDwith ABIS & Lars Dingeman from Pamb & Harsh and, of course, there’s lots of solo EP’s, and singles as well. I probably forgot a lot to mention here, but you get my point. That’s some real dedication and awesome achievements for an artist of his age. Respect!

Solitude EP

Two weeks ago Signal’s Solitude EP dropped on the mighty Invisible Recordings from Noisia. This new collection of his music has 8 tracks, 7 solo productions and 1 collab with Synergy. Jonathan says about this EP:

“With ‘Solitude’ I tried to approach drum and bass from a different perspective, drawing inspiration from all kinds of music and my life over the past two years, in which I wrote the EP. I think this is a step up from all of my previous work and hope you’ll enjoy it.”

Solitude is not your standard drum and bass indeed and I like it very, very much. Go and check those out sick tunes now!
Stream / buy the EP here: https://fanlink.to/Solitude

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