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Sonic Waves: Curated By on the Beach

This weekend, Curated By is writing another chapter to their already amazing book of drum and bass & jungle music projects. After numerous club nights in venues like Paradiso, Melkweg and Mezz as well as their Curated Talks and Amsterdam Dance Event sessions, they’re adding a wicked beach party to their story as well!

Curated By Beach sees the day of light on Saturday, June 15th in Beachclub Azorra, The Hague, in collaboration with Soul Patrol & NEUROFU*K. No other than the mighty BREAK is coming over from the UK, and he will be accompanied by local legends A-Flex, Creek, Halfway Crook, Hidden Circuit, Mindset, Rayven Lux, TRVLR & VOXI and the night is hosted by INNATE MC.

Leading up to the event we’ve had a little Q&A session with one of the masterminds behind the concept: Tamara also known as: VOXI.

Hi! Can you please tell us how the idea for this great beach party concept came about?
Tamara (VOXI): It all started with Alex Meza, a friend of mine who used to do lots of drum and bass events in The Hague and worked at Azorra Beachclub. He called me one day and asked me if I was interested in organising a drum and bass party at Azorra. But he was very clear that he wanted nothing to do with it, I had to do it myself.

A couple of weeks went by, and I talked to different people, trying to visualize a drum and bass party on the beach. Eventually, Alex (Curated by) and I went to Azorra to meet them and discuss what they wanted from us and vice versa. We decided to create a new Curated by concept and collaborate with local crews from The Hague. That’s where Vincent from NEUROFU*K came in. He has a lot of experience with organizing events in the area, and we have been working on this event together since.

And what about joining forces with Soul Patrol & NEUROFU*K, how did that happen?
If you think of the drum and bass scene in The Hague, these are some names of the crews that would pop up, so it makes perfect sense to collaborate with them to attract their followers as well. While Soul Patrol provides the soulful sound that fits really well at a beach party, NEUROFU*K is known for bringing a rougher sound. The funny thing is that Break would fit all of our line-ups, making him the best choice for a headliner.

Can you give us a little impression of the venue?

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How has the response been to the announcement of this beach party?
We made the decision to announce the new concept already, even when Break wasn’t confirmed yet. It went pretty well, we were close to selling all our early birds. A few days later, we got the confirmation and dropped the full line-up. With the news that we had booked Break, he is not playing in the Netherlands very often, it popped off big time. And every day that the weather is great we are selling a lot of tickets, so we think people really are in the mood to kick off the summer with us.

By the looks of the solid line-up for Curated By on the Beach there’s going to be a nice and well-balanced mixture of soulful, liquid, techy but also neurofunk drum and bass sets. For the people that don’t know exactly what I’m saying, can you tell us more about the DJs playing at the party?
We have the one and only Break, who does not need an introduction. He is very versatile, and I can’t wait what kind of set he is going to bring. The support acts all have their own signature sound, but the idea is to make this a special one. We are playing at a beach club and not a regular club, so I am expecting more summer vibes for sure. Rayven Lux and I are likely to roll out the jungle vibes like we usually do when we play back to back.

What can attendees expect in terms of the vibe and atmosphere you’re trying to create?
We want to create the perfect day on the beach, good weather, summer vibes and offer the people quality drum and bass. The idea of spending a relaxing day at the beach with friends, enjoying a diverse selection of music provided by locals, and to top that all off with an exclusive set from Break. That should speak for itself, haha.

What drink, or maybe even food, options will be available for attendees at the party?
Azorra is a beach bar and restaurant, and they offer a range of dishes, snacks, and beverages. Beers, cocktails, hamburgers, fish, salads, etc. So, if you want to grab a bite, there are plenty of options available.

Curated By on the Beach
If this event turns out to be a success, are there going to be more Curated By beach parties or perhaps at other special locations?
We are always open to try out new locations. We have hosted Curated by in Breda, recently hosted a networking event at Melkweg Cinema and now this beach party. If this turns out to be a success, we might want to return to the beach. But we also want to keep it special and not do it too often.

Where can we find more details and buy tickets?
You can check out more info and buy tickets via Azorra.nl: https://www.azorra.nl/club/curated-by-on-the-beach

I guess this is going to be the last Curated By event before the summer? What’s on the menu for after the summer?
The next Curated by is on 21 September, it’s a 1985 Music label night in Melkweg. And the usual suspects during ADE. In December, we have a very special one coming together, but we can’t say anything about it yet.

And for Soul Patrol and NEUROFU*K?
Good news for the loyal fan base because both crews are busy with building new events and line-ups. Soul Patrol is trying out a new location, not in The Hague. And NEUROFU*K returns to PIP after summer.

Any last things we should know about?
We are all very excited about this location and the vibe we are trying to create. We can’t wait till next week, honestly. So, invite your friends and come hang out with us at the beach. Drum and bass on the beach! Whoohooo!

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