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Win 2 tickets for Drum ‘n Bass in Your Face!

As clubs & events are opening up again, Drum ’n bass in your face returns to the Spot this coming Friday. 🥳

The drum and bass event in Middelburg is rebooting with a seated event for a smaller crowd and T & Sugah, Kittigvaegsystem and Dubseal & DJ Don are invited for a good few hours of drum and bass & dubstep delight.

And we’re being allowed to give away 2×2 tickets for the event!

To win a set of 2 tickets you need to do the following:

1. Mail us the correct answer to the question below at info@www.drumandbass.nl
2. Include your first and surname with the email
3. Email us before Thursday, June 24th 23:59 (CET / GMT +2)

We’re announcing the winners on Friday, June 25th, break a leg!

Here’s the question:

How many times have T & Sugah played for a Drum ‘n Bass in Your Face event in de De Spot?

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