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Xenon delivers a unique piece of music with his ‘Raving in Kreuzberg’ EP

Xenon is the alias of the German and Berlin-based DJ/producer Jonas, also part of a DJ duo, Humanoid. I discovered his music just a few months ago when he kindly sent me a promo of his previous released EP ‘Hypothermia’ that came out on DSCI4 in April of this year. That EP instantly impressed me a lot and even more so when taking into consideration that it was his first release ever on an international label.

I’ve played some tunes from the EP on several episodes of our weekly radio show and a bit later I was really happy to find another email from Xenon e-mail with the promo of a brand-new EP, ‘Raving In Kreuzberg’. This time it ‘s a ravey 4 track EP for a recently launched drum and bass label called Off-License Records from Manchester, UK.

This is what Jonas had to say about the EP:

This time last year I had just started as an intern in the infamous techno basement inside a power station in Berlin/Kreuzberg. During this time, I grew a lot as a person and really discovered my sound by experimenting with techno alongside my drum and bass productions. From this point onward, I became obsessed with merging the two genres into one sound.

This experimentation is never-ending, but you can hear the most recent evolution of this in my latest EP for Off-License Records ❗️ The ‘Raving In Kreuzberg‘ EP is packed with rough drum breaks and distorted acid lines. It’s a strong reminder of lost, sleepless nights in the city.

And such a great job he did with this EP if you ask me. I feel that ‘Raving In Kreuzberg’ is a different and unique piece of music with a unique style and I’m sure we’re going to hear a lot more awesome tunes from Xenon in the (near) future. Be sure to keep an eye on him.

I’m not going to describe all tunes separately as I don’t think that adds any value here and besides, music is made for listening, so please go and check out this wicked EP!

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